Ten of the Best Movies You've Never Seen

Despite talented actors and actresses and humorous plots, there are some films that just don't achieve widespread success and popularity. There are many reasons why some great movies remain virtually undiscovered. If you haven't happened across these titles, you are really missing some great entertainment.

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The ten following movies are among my favorite things, listed in no particular order of preference. I highly recommend you check them out.

"Rockula" (1990) stars Dean Cameron as a virgin vampire named Ralph who wears a retainer and plays in a rock band. Also featuring a supporting cast played by well-known musicians. Toni Basil, Thomas Dolby and Bo Diddley all play key roles and offer great comedic performances. The soundtrack is nothing short of inspired; and how could it not be with all the great musical talent onscreen.

"Rock 'n' Roll High School" (1979) is based on the ever-popular scenario of troubled youths rebelling against the establishment. P.J. Soles, of "Stripes" fame, stars as Riff Randell, who causes all kinds of trouble for school administration when they take away her ticket to see the Ramones. As their number one fan, she fights back and the movie comes to an explosive ending.

"Valley Girl" (1983) brought to screen the valley girl phenomena that was so popular. Hanging out at the mall, shopping, wearing those leg warmers with the slip-on shoes personified the whole being of this culture. When valley girl Julie (Deborah Foreman) falls for punk Randy, played by Nicolas Cage, her whole world is turned upside down as she loses friends and struggles to find her rightful place in the scheme of things. Other popular stars include Elizabeth Daily, Michael Bowen and Colleen Camp.

"Love At First Bite" (1979) is another release that brings us some good clean vampire humor. George Hamilton is Count Vladimir Dracula, who has been forced out of his castle and has come to America to seek out his great love, Cindy Sondheim, played by Susan Saint James. Cindy has some doubts that he is who he says, but is always up for a little fun. The film is hilarious and is perfectly complemented by the talented cast that includes comedic greats like Richard Benjamin, Arte Johnson and Sherman Hemsley.

"Evolution" (2001) brings us David Duchovny and Orlando Jones playing a couple of nerdy, but cute, college professors who are researching a meteor that has crash landed and taken out the car of an aspiring firefighting cadet, played by Seann William Scott. Julianne Moore plays a doctor who has been brought in by the Army to take over the situation. They all soon find that the alien life forms brought in on the meteor are growing and evolving at too rapid a pace for any of them to properly contain. They finally come together to fight the growing menace with what else but a fire truck filled with Head amp; Shoulders. Dan Aykroyd stars as Governor Lewis.

"Witches' Brew" (1979) is a remake of a 1944 Lon Chaney film. Three women use their witchcraft to help their husbands careers and later turn on each other when a higher position opens up at the university their husbands work at. Richard Benjamin, Teri Garr and Lana Turner are a few of the popular actors you will see in this film.

"Always" (1989) is a romantic drama that packs a lot of laughs thanks to co-stars John Goodman, Richard Dreyfuss, and Holly Hunter. Dorinda, played by Holly Hunter, is devastated when her boyfriend is killed while fighting a forest fire. With a little help she gets back on track and on with her life. Audrey Hepburn, playing Hap, has a small but potent part in the movie. Two CSI regulars also have parts in "Always"; Brad Johnson and Marg Helgenberger.

"The Pirate Movie" (1982) is so corny and lighthearted, and the musical numbers are so entertaining that this one continues to keep us coming back for more. Kristy McNichol and Christopher Atkins, are Mabel and Frederic, young lovers whose happiness is threatened by his pirate history. A swashbuckling good film with delightful choreography and a really fun plot.

"Gotcha!" (1985) stars a Anthony Edwards as a college student trying to score in Europe. The former E.R. actor plays Jonathan, a young man who plays a game at school where students sneak up and shoot each other with paintball guns. He soon meets up with the beautiful Sasha, played by Linda Fiorentino, and he is thrust into a real-world spy situation. A different twist on the timeless coming-of-age plot.

"Donnie Darko" (2001) stars real-life siblings, Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal, as well as Patrick Swayze, Noah Wyle, Drew Barrymore and a six-foot tall purple bunny named Frank. Jake Gyllenhaal is Donnie Darko, a troubled teen who escapes a freak accident. He is the only one who can see Frank, who has told him the world will end in twenty-eight days. While trying to cope with those in his life and looking to discover why he was spared from death, he is influenced by Frank. The bunny continues to appear to Donnie and convinces him to commit acts of vandalism and general mayhem. You'll be shocked in the end.