Christmas Shopping 2007 Guide: Best Animated Movies

Animated movies are a big business in Hollywood these days. Once upon a time animated movies were mainly for kids but now companies like Pixar and Dreamworks make animated movies that both kids and adults can enjoy so both could have animated movies on their Christmas list this holiday season. These are some of the animated movies to be sure to have on your Christmas shopping list this year.

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Pixar Short Films Collection - Volume 1

This is the DVD I'm most looking forward to this holiday season. Pixar is the top dog when it comes to making animated movies and while we've probably all seen their feature films this DVD collects all the short films they've made. Pixar was actually making short films even before their feature films and this DVD is a must for any Pixar fan this Christmas.

Shrek the Third

Shrek the Third was one of the most popular movies of 2007 and it is out on DVD just in time for the Christmas season. Many people think that the third Shrek is the best in the series so anybody that has either of the first two movies will probably enjoy Shrek the Third this holiday season.


If you'd rather stick to Pixar's feature films instead of their short film collection then be sure to add Ratatouille to the shopping list. Ratatouille is another success in a long line of great movies by Pixar. A lot of people like the Shrek movies but personally I think Pixar makes much better movies than Dreamworks. Any fan of animated movies should own Ratatouille this Christmas.


TMNT, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is a little bit more serious than these other movies but is still appropriate for kids and adults. Adults that like TMNT when they were kids will especially want this DVD this Christmas. Even though Shrek and Ratatouille got a lot more attention I found TMNT to be the most fun and the scene between Leonardo and Raphael in the rain was the most impressive animation out of any of these movies. TMNT is a must this holiday season for kids and adults that like a little bit more action in the animated movies.

Happy Feet

Honestly I was not a huge fan of Happy Feet but I was in the minority because many of my friends tell me they loved it. I'm sure it will especially be cute to kids who like little penguins but some adults have enjoyed it also. So you might want to add Happy Feet to you Christmas shopping list this holiday season.